LPG Services

With your satisfaction as our highest priority, we provide a personalised service backed by our quality workmanship to deliver a comprehensive tune and repairs service.

What We Do

At AutogasMan Mobile Perth, we come to you to service your LPG Autogas vehicle. Whether its your home, office or commercial premises

AutogasMan Mobile saves you time and money. You receive a full professional tune and repair service for your vehicle without the hassle of needing to drop and pick it up.

Our Services cover the entire Perth region and include:

LPG Service

LPG autogas tune and repair services.

LPG Diagnostics

Gas injection system diagnostics and calibrations for all-types of gas systems.

Gas Tank Expiry

LPG gas tank expiry date checking and visual inspection.

Leak Testing

Check for LPG gas leaks around valves, fittings, hoses and other connected parts.

Spark Plugs

Spark plug replacement and retro fit LPG spark plugs.

Battery Replacement

Inspect and replace vehicle batteries.

Gas Tank Recertification

Automotive gas tank recertification is required after 10 years.

Auto Electrical

Most auto electrical work for cars, forklifts, and commercial vehicles. 

EFI Diagnostics

Electronic Fuel Injection inspection and identification of fuel system issues. 

Engine Tune-ups

Tuning of engines for motor vehicles and commercial vehicles including forklifts.

Gas Safety Checks

Check for leaks, connections, valve integrity and compliance ASNZ1425.

Factory Fitted Gas Vehicles

Specialising in Holden and Ford dedicated gas vehicles.

We make it easy to service and repair your LPG running car, 4WD, forklift and other LPG run machinery.

  • Call to scheduale a service or make a booking enquiry today.

AutogasMan Mobile Mechanic LPG vehicle servicing 2.2

Our 28 Point LPG Service

  • High Pressure Leak Check of The LPG Tank Connections and Valves
  • LPG Tank Re-Test Date
  • LPG Tank Water Capacity Fill + / - 5%
  • LPG Tank Mounting and Visual Inspection
  • LPG Filler, Connections Inspection and Leak Check
  • LPG Service Line, Connection Inspection and Leak Check
  • LPG Convertor, Connection Inspection and Leak Test
  • LPG Convertor Drain Oil/Coolant if Applicable
  • LPG Convertor Cooling Hose and Connection Check
  • Gas Lock, Connection Inspection and Leak Test
  • Gas Vapour Hoses and Connections Inspection
  • Gas Injector,Hoses, Connection Inspection and Leak Test Where Applicable
  • Gas Mixer Inspection Where Applicable
  • LPG System Electrical System Visual Inspection
  • LPG Number Plate Tags Inspection
  • Gas Electronic Control System Inspection
  • Engine and Gas System Sensor Check
  • Air Filter Inspection and Clean
  • Air Filter Inspection and Clean
  • Gas Wiring Visual Check
  • Gas Fuse Check
  • Gas Change Over Switch If Applicable
  • Gas Filter Replaced Where Applicable
  • Exhaust Emission Test
  • Safety Switch Operation Where Applicable
  • Ignition System Visual Inspection
  • Check And Adjust the Operational Efficiency Of The LPG System
  • Road Test
  • Re - Check Tune After Road Test

LPG Mobile Services FAQ

Prices start from $150.00

From Joondalup to Mandurah and Northam in the East.

Approximately 1 hour, however allow extra time for delays in traffic.

A Minimum of 1 year, however depending on the system we advise 6months or 10,000 kilometres. LPG tank also have a service life of 10 years after this they must re- certified by a qualified testing station. It is illegal and unsafe to drive your vehicle with a LPG tank that is out of date.

  • Call to scheduale a service or make a booking enquiry today.

What Our Clients Say

AutogasMan Mobile Mechanic has a loyal client base who can always rely on our reliable and quality service. 

Turned up on time and had my LPG vehicle repair done faster than I expected. Great job, very happy.

Shani R


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