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Conversions FAQ

Autogas kitsHere are some key facts about LPG engine conversions that you may or may not have thought about.

How much does it cost and how much will I save?

You are about to make an investment in economical motoring and the good news is LPG will return that investment over and over again. Prices start from around $250O; however generous government subsidies mean you can pay a substantially reduced price or end up paying no cost at all for standard installations.

Will LPG always be cheaper than petrol and is it safe?

LPG has always been relatively cheaper than petrol, or diesel fuel. The fact is, petrol prices will continue to rise due to world oil demand and a shortening of supply.

As for safety, to put it bluntly, there is more chance of a petrol engine igniting in a crash than a LPG vehicle. An Autogas Mobile LPG system has a number of important safety features including:

  • A 3mm welded steel pressure cylinder which is stress-tested to many times its normal operating pressure prior to being installed.
  • Two electronically controlled shut-off solenoids (on cylinder and under bonnet) which stop the flow of gas to the engine if the engine stops for any reason. Some of our systems have three solenoids.
  • Pressure relief valves for the tank and the system, to prevent any pressure build up that may damage the system, or be hazardous.
  • Double back-check valves to ensure gas tight filling.
  • Sealed compartments and venting around valves and pipe-work to ensure no LPG enters the interior of the vehicle.

Thousands of motorists in Australia including just about all Taxi fleets enjoy safe LPG motoring everyday.

Will LPG affect my engine?

No. LPG actually reduces engine wear and tear. Running your engine on LPG is beneficial to your car. LPG is a cleaner burning fuel than petrol, so engine life is actually extended.

Does LPG help reduce Global Warming?

Autogas Mobile LPG conversions produce significantly less greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions associated with vehicle fuel consumption. LPG is also non-corrosive, non-toxic and lead free.

Can I still retain my existing fuel tank and is it compact?

Yes. You can have a dual system that allows you to retain your exiting fuel or diesel tank. The tank system is designed to take up a minimum amount of space in your boot. You will still be able to pack your boot with most things like groceries, luggage, sports equipment, camping gear etc.

What about my engine performance?

Modern LPG engine technology provides performance and fuel economy comparable with contemporary petrol-powered engines.

Can LPG be installed to diesel engines?

Yes. It can on 4 wheel drives and light trucks. You can have a dual system that uses a mix of both LPG and diesel, providing more power and torque. You can also expect a reduction of up to 20% in fuel costs.

Can I buy LPG easily?

Yes. There’s over 3,200 outlets Australia wide with more providing LPG everyday. You can travel throughout Perth and WA or from Perth to Sydney and never be caught short finding a place to fill up on LPG.

Will my LPG vehicle be expensive to service?

NO. In fact, at Autogas Mobile when you have your normal car service done we will check your gas system as part of vehicles routine maintenance.

Can LPG be installed to new and older vehicles?

LPG can be installed to most vehicles. Autogas Mobile offer Sequential Gas Injection (SGI) which means that drivers of today’s current models can also enjoy the benefits of LPG.

Can it be installed in commercial vehicles?

Yes. Autogas Mobile LPG conversions are suitable for:

  • Family cars
  • 4 WD’s
  • Private motorists’ vehicles
  • Government fleet vehicles
  • Commercial and service vehicles
  • Courier vehicles
  • Taxis
  • Trade vehicles (Light Trucks)
  • Tow trucks
  • Escort vehicles
  • Forklifts

Will it lower the value of my vehicle?

LPG vehicles are in huge demand on the used car market. They cost far less to run and save motorists more in the long run. Wouldn’t you rather own a vehicle that can cost less to run?

Does it take long to install?

Not really, usually it can take 36 – 72 hours to do the job right. And then you can enjoy many years of safe, reliable, money saving performance.
All of our auto technicians are highly trained to the highest Australian standards in LPG installation.

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